Respect for Human Rights

Kirin Group Human Rights Policy

The Kirin Group, to which the Kyowa Kirin Group belongs, has formulated the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy based on the UN "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights."

lol下注The Policy is placed above all documentation and standards pertaining to human rights initiatives in all business activities across the Kyowa Kirin Group. By promoting management that values human rights in both Japan and overseas based on the Policy, the Kyowa Kirin Group aims to further contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Organizational Structure

Our activities to raise employee awareness of human rights are based on the policies and measures determined by the Kirin Group Human Rights Promotion Committee*1, in which Kyowa Kirin participates as a member. Furthermore, in July 2017, we established the Kyowa Kirin Group Human Rights Promotion Committee*2 with the aim of raising employee awareness of the importance of human rights throughout the Group.

lol下注In daily operations, Kyowa Kirin's Human Resources Department oversees general matters concerning human rights, but as human rights issues are wide-ranging, the department conducts its initiatives in cooperation with other departments and Group companies. The status of compliance with all laws and regulations including those related to human rights is reported at the quarterly Group CSR Committee meeting (chaired by the executive vice president) to check the effectiveness of our measures, and the result is reported to the Board of Directors.

  1. *1:
    A committee chaired by the human resources director of Kirin Holdings and staffed by human resources department managers from major companies within the Kirin Group.
  2. *2:
    A committee chaired by the director of Kyowa Kirin's Human Resources Department and staffed by the heads of relevant divisions and human resources department managers from major subsidiaries of Kyowa Kirin. Kyowa Kirin's Human Resources Department serves as the secretariat for the committee. The committee plans, promotes and supports initiatives to raise awareness of human rights and supports investigations to aid the swift settlement of human rights issues when they arise.

Training Programs and Awareness Activities

Kyowa Kirin offers a variety of training programs for its directors and employees with the aim of instilling its human rights policy based on the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy. In addition, we annually provide a human rights awareness program for all employees and a human rights training program for new managerial staff as well as new employees under our rank-based training program. Furthermore, we invited external experts in 2019 to host seminars for top executives (directors and above) to help them better understand diversity management.

With respect to harassment, which is an issue involving human rights, we implement a range of measures to eliminate harassment from workplaces and enhance the corporate culture, including sharing a message from the president to employees during Harassment Elimination Month and offering a harassment consultation service and an internal reporting contact.

In addition, we are a member of the Business Ethics Research Center, and participate in the Harassment Study Group and the Diversity Management Study Group to acquire relevant knowledge and improve understanding.

As a means of reviewing our measures, we conduct on an annual basis the Kirin Group Compliance/Human Rights Awareness Survey in conjunction with the entire Kirin Group. By analyzing the survey results, we identify changes in our employees' awareness and issues that need to be solved, which helps us implement effective initiatives within our Group.

Internal Reporting System and Contact for Inquiries

We have an internal reporting contact in place, to which employees can turn when they face human rights issues. When a report is filed, the Human Resources Department and the CSR Management Department investigate the facts and take appropriate measures while protecting the informant and the confidentiality of the report. Furthermore, we have also established various contacts for other issues (including harassment, mental health, disabilities, and LGBT issues) to support those who face them. Inquiries from all external stakeholders are accepted through our website.

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Ensuring Human Rights throughout Our Value Chain

Kyowa Kirin is endeavoring to ensure human rights throughout its pharmaceutical value chain.

Human rights considerations in research

lol下注Kyowa Kirin sets internal rules with the aim of assuring ethical and scientific validity in human genome analysis and research using human tissue as well as preventing the loss of dignity and protecting the human rights of tissue donors.

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Safeguarding human rights in clinical trials

When conducting a clinical trial involving human subjects, Kyowa Kirin, pursuant to the Declaration of Helsinki, gives top priority to protecting the human rights and personal information of patients participating in the trial, securing their safety, and giving consideration to their welfare, and complies with the laws and regulations and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) guidelines of the applicable countries.

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Ensuring human rights in purchasing activities

lol下注We have formulated the "Kyowa Kirin Group Procurement Policy" and the "Kyowa Kirin CSR Procurement Guidebook" to help us ensure human rights throughout the supply chain in collaboration with our suppliers.

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Ensuring human rights in production activities

We have established the "Kyowa Kirin Group Policy for Occupational Health and Safety" with the aim of securing the safety of our employees. Policy for Occupational Health and Safety

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Ensuring human rights in engaging with medical institutions and patient organizations

Pursuant to the Kyowa Kirin Group Compliance Policy, we act with high ethical standards and in the best interest of patients when we engage with medical institutions and patient organizations.

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